Thanks for popping past, I hope you enjoy your visit.

I thought I would share a bit more about myself.

In future posts I will be sharing about what I do, but first a little of who I am,

I prefer winter to summer, cold to hot and snow to sand.
I prefer tea to a tipple , and I prefer cooking to cleaning.
I prefer restaurants to take aways, and I prefer hotels to camping.
I prefer dogs to cats.
I prefer careful & calculated to risky and dangerous,
I prefer kind and considerate to stubborn and sulky, and generosity to extravagance.
I prefer well groomed to made up or made over.
I prefer living to existing.
I prefer Sundays to Saturdays.
I prefer conversation to television.
I prefer breakfast to dinner, and sunset to sunrise.
I prefer silver to gold, diamonds to pearls, and will not say no to either!
I prefer optimistic to pessimistic
I prefer safety to paranoia.
I prefer babies to children.
And finally I prefer flexible to inflexible; so, none of the above is set in stone.

I would love to hear about some of your likes and preferences.. please drop me a line.



About Taryne Jakobi

Hi, I am Taryne, a Johannesburg ( South Africa) based food stylist, specialising in Food and Decor Styling for magazines, recipe books, and television. A lover of food, flowers and beautiful things, this blog is my window to the world... welcome !

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  1. Hello! Wow! Very posh place we have here! All the best wishes and good fortune for your new blog and adventure. Keep it up and now I can go around and tell everyone that I know the lady behind this place, as matter of fact I sat behind her in the class at Hotel School and try very hard to teach her Afrikaans!

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