I wish I had a catchy title for this post..

Tanya from dearmax issued a challenge, via Karen, momagain@40 ( isn’t that a great name!) to write a post on…
7 things you don’t know about me; and then challenge 15 ( yikes I am new to this… I don’t know 15!) other bloggers to do the same…

So here’s my post of 7 random things you didnt know about me; without a catchy title…

1. I am not an adventurous eater.  I have never eaten offal, tried mopane worms or chicken feet!   Add to that chicken in a tin  – spotted recently in a supermarket.. Eeeuw.

2. I would love to work with the following stylists, Maranda Engelbrecht, Donna Hay, and Li Edelkoort.

3. I am a mag hag, and until recently ( when I bought an iPad) I had over 400 Martha Stewart magazines dating back to 1990.

4. My favorite comfort food is macaroni and cheese. And a “brown cow” Coke mixed with milk. Yum.

5. I have my nails done weekly. It is a religion.

6. I LOVE colour, any colour! ( even turquoise ) but wear mostly black.

 7. I am intimidated by photography. Seriously. I know it’s weird considering the job I do, but in 10 years I have never learnt what an f stop is, what aperture means or how to read a light meter. Serious.

So here’s my challenge to you.. Tell me one random thing about yourself, and give me a catchy title for this post.
Winner walks away with… wait for it … chicken in a can. All three flavours! Thats BIG.  Go…





About Taryne Jakobi

Hi, I am Taryne, a Johannesburg ( South Africa) based food stylist, specialising in Food and Decor Styling for magazines, recipe books, and television. A lover of food, flowers and beautiful things, this blog is my window to the world... welcome !

5 thoughts on “I wish I had a catchy title for this post..

  1. Title suggestion: “My wonderful weirdness” or how about “Seven subtly strange secrets”
    Did you know that although I am a geologist and surprisingly good handywoman, I also love singing, creative arts and sewing. I hope I get the chicken! I have 4 hungry boys who’ll eat anything!

  2. Title for this blog entry? – Food detective

    1. I get intimidated by properly dressed dinner tables with all that cutlery, cos I eat ‘left handed’- tho I’m not!
    2. I love to eat baked beans out of a tin.
    3. I always wanted to be an actress when I was young.
    4.I tend to always guess the endings of movies, which can be very annoying for my hubby.
    5.I have ‘remote’ control in my house!
    6. I can solder
    7.I love to dance, but cannot follow a dance teacher, or aerobics teacher, or even close dance without standing all over my partners toes.

    Love your work! 🙂

  3. Great article. I’ve enjoyed this contribution. Its nice to see every questions answered in a blog post like this. I will add this post on my blog and link to it. Thanks for a clear informative post, I’ve learned a lot. I hope to see videos though as I can be A.D.D and reading articles is not my favorite thing to do online. So what I do sometimes is just print the whole thing and read offline.

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