Souper Soups….

 I am a lazy eater. Given the choice of chewing and sipping, I would , well, honestly, prefer to slurp… On National Soup Day ( 31 May ) I cant think of a better way to enjoy a fresh ( no tired left overs here)  and filling bowl of soup than to s-l-u-r-p ! Our […]

oh la la … look what I found..

  I was recently introduced to these delicious Dilmah teas. I am a tea lover and even more so when it comes with pretty packaging! I also came across these beautifully packaged marshmallows and peanut brittle ( there was also a nougat which didn’t last long enough to make it into the pic) The marshmallow […]

Call me the chicken whisperer…..what we do for fun part 2

“Can you source a live chicken,” was the request. “Sure, no problem, I have a couple running around my garden,” I replied confidently. “Great, can you bring one along to the studio tomorrow please, I have an idea for a shoot.” Hmmm, I failed to mention at the time that my two chickens ( Henny- short for Henrietta, and […]

Time for a cuppa…

I orginally planned to do a post for Mothers Day about my Granny’s beautiful tea cups, and, well..I  never got around to it. I then thought I would post this pretty picture of the cups for Wordless Wednesday. Well that didnt happen either, as I have just realised today is Thursday and not Wednesday ( how […]