Out and About: You had me at Avocado…

It has been raining NON-STOP in Johannesburg for 10 days, and the weather forecast predicts another week of the same.
I have mould growing on the designer mould pot planters that were especially bought for their mould effect, my house has a stinky wet dog smell, and yes, the dogs have a stinky wet smell too.
I’m not usually one to complain about the wet weather, or even the cold. Having lived in many places known for their wet weather, London, the Isle of Wight and British Columbia; where Vancouver is affectionately referred to as “Rain- couver.” I adapted fairly easily and never minded the rain.
Oh but this is something else.
Johannesburg is not built for rain.
Our roads are disintegrating, bridges are being washed away, traffics lights don’t work, no electricity ( don’t ask!) and the storm water drains, dam walls and rivers banks all completely overflowing, unable to cope with the deluge of water.
It’s starting to get to me.
Fortunately there was a break in the clouds briefly last Thursday.
I received an invitation by The Avo-people* to a press lunch at a restaurant I have been eager to try.
What good timing!
The restaurant COOBS on the Parkhurst strip – in the new section down at the bottom of 4th Ave next to Melissa’s, has been receiving great reviews in the media.
The Avos, the lunch, and the restaurant did not disappoint.
Not that the chef could really go wrong with a couple of boxes of A Grade Avocados to work with.
As someone on Twitter said the other day ” even a piece of cardboard is turned gourmet with the addition of Avo”
The menu was amazing, four courses of deliciousness all including Avocado. The Chef probably feared I was about to test the cardboard theory when I asked that my rather rare steak be return to the grill for a little bit. He didn’t bat an (obvious ) eye at my request and graciously obliged, returning my (for me anyway) more palatable medium well done steak to me with a fresh dollop of Avo Ice Cream.
Well chef types don’t dollop, they arrange, and, needless to say I did some arranging of my own.
Ta da, no shame I tell you. No sooner was my plate elegantly placed before me and I was summoning the chef again. This time to request the recipe for the Avocado Ice cream, to which he kindly agreed. *** see below.

What a lovely afternoon; wonderful company, a generous host, ( we left with a goodie bag so loaded with gifts I had to carry it cradled against my chest with two hands underneath to support the precious cargo ) and fantastic food; I resisted the temptation to pick up my plate and lick it – restrained myself and drew a heart on my dessert plate which gave me a good excuse to lick my finger.
I will definitely be making another trip to COOBS, rain or shine!

***Avocado Ice Cream ( served on seared Rump steak)
3 medium Avos, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1.5 cups milk, 1 cup cream, 0.25 cup glucose, 2 cloves garlic poached in milk.
Combine all ingredients, churn, freeze. Serve.

*Thanks to the South African Avocado Growers Association







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