3 Ways To Style A Loaf Cake


With many confined to their homes during the Corona virus pandemic, there has never been a better time to practise our food styling skills. ( that is of course if you get a break between homeschooling, husband sitting, and non stop feeding time at the zoo, or is that just in my family ?)

I love seeing how this rather odd time in history is coursing such a re-evaluation of our modern lives. For a while I have tried to minimise my waste, and although I am very, very far from a zero waste household, I am pleased with the progress I have made especially in terms of my food waste, which as a stylist was always a concern for me. This Covid 19 crisis has shown me, yet again, how much excess there is in my life. My freezer was full of food items without me panic buying and stock piling, just simply food  from freezing leftovers and scraps from food shoots that I hadn’t got around to using up. Among other things was a big, and I mean BIG ziplock bag of overripe frozen banana ( you know, from all those heathy smoothies I was going to make myself when I actually had a gap and I was going to slow down and take things a little slow.) well, hello quarantine and lock down. The last thing I feel like is a heathy smoothie, but what a perfect time to join the banana bread baking craze I see on my Instagram feed and finally use up all the bananas!

I not only tested 4 different banana bread recipes, ( you’re welcome) using my precious stash of flour and eggs, but I thought to style each cake differently to give you a few ideas on how to style and shoot the humble loaf cake. These tips acn be applied to any basic loaf cake recipe.

Below are my 3 tips,  I will do a separate post reviewing the 4 recipes I tested, so that you don’t waste your precious flour and eggs!

I hope these tips are helpful, let me know if you have an interesting banana bread recipe!

Happy baking, and stay safe.



Mini Banana Loaves with salted walnut topping
Classic Banana Loaf
  1. Use different shape baking tins.

    Just because it is a loaf cake doesn’t mean it has to be in a big loaf tin, or even in a loaf tin. Here I used both mini loaf pans and a bundt pan. Both worked perfectly well and add an element of interest to a usually standard recipe.
    A note if using smaller loaf tins, you might need to adjust the cooking time, as they will cook a lot quicker than a bigger single loaf.

  2. Consider the top & toppings.

    A top down shot either of the cake in the tin or out looks great with a simple banana slice down the middle. Extra texture is always a bonus when photographing food so consider a sprinkling of nuts or a streusel topping to take you cake up a notch.

  3. Side Shot with an icing drizzle.

      Pour shots and drizzle shots are very popular in food photography at the moment, creating movement in a shot creates  interest. Adding a simple water icing or caramel drizzle to your cake will tick all the boxes for taste and technique.

Rippled Banana & Date Loaf with Lemon Glaze
Basic Banana Bundt cake with caramel drizzle



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