Behind the scenes on a decor shoot…


props, props, and more props...


One thing I’ve learnt… decor styling is not for sissies!

  In fact, it is H A R D W O R K !

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love my job, as I have said many times before.  #iLoveMyJob. 

This shoot was no exception. It was also a LOT of work.

 I was tasked by Food & Home Entertaining Magazine to compile an article for their January  2012 issue on baking items, appliances and utensils. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I actually realised how much time is involved in preparing for a shoot.  In fact, I’m often asked by well-meaning friends and family what a stylist does all day. Usually in a doubtful tone, implying “Not a lot, we think”.

Well, let me try to break it down for you.. 

 Receiving the brief…

  • Upon receiving the brief (this is an outline of what the magazine requires) I start making my lists. Planning is essential! This usually involves a day on the phone contacting people, writing emails, and getting in touch with suppliers to find out what products they have available and if any would be suitable for the shoot.
  • I then spend about two days planning my ideas, jotting down notes and looking for references (pictures which I like) either on the internet or in magazines. I scan or copy these into a folder to share with the photographer so that they have an idea about what’s needed regarding lighting and set-up.

 The week of the shoot…

  • It takes around two days of sourcing (this means finding, borrowing and sometimes even begging) the required items for a particular shoot. In this case baking items. Can you see the beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer in the picture? I just knew I had to include one in the shoot, and so I’m very grateful to Kitchen Passion  for lending me one from their Parktown North store, and I didn’t even have to beg!
  • It takes around half a day to deliver all the items to the studio and unpack them all. BTW: Boy we need to look at packaging of appliances… is all that plastic, polystyrene and paper really necessary?
  • One full day shooting.  
  • Another whole morning packing everything away. Ditto on the packaging comment above,
  • And lastly, another day returning everything to the shops and suppliers.

 So that’s an average week when styling. When coupled with a heatwave, climbing in and out of a hot car, pushing a heavy trolley full of goodies, and you’ll see why this job isn’t for sissies!

 Keep watching for the January issue of Food & Home Entertaining hits the shelves mid December, and post of all the pic’s from the shoot.



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