Business: How I Maintain Work – Life – Balance.

I dont. Not even close!  Balance is for Gymnasts. 

And I believe this. I don’t think viewing life as a constant balance beam act, or ball juggling performance is either helpful or valuable.

The pressure to maintain this level of perfectionism is crazy.

I am determined to never fall into the trap again of being completely out of balance, but that being said I am fully embracing the sense that it’s not a case of striving to maintain a constant equillibrium, but rather an ability to come back down from the peaks, or even the ability to pick myself up or motivate myself again after a holiday or rest period.

Busyness is no longer a badge of honor for me. I don’t equate myself worth with my work and it’s related stresses and status 

This so called work-life balance thing seems to be a regular theme in my own life, and from what I read on social media, in others too. 

Whilst I certainly have my share of “stop the wheel I want to get off moments” for the most part I love this crazy ride called life, and in order to enjoy it more, with the people I want to spend it with, I made a few mindset changes to the way I view my life and business.  Before you read this and think I’m arrogant, or lazy, or even plain crazy, know that they are mine, and mine alone, you may agree with all, you may agree with none. I can only speak for myself, these work for me, and applying them to my life has brought a better sense of balance, of peace, and enjoyment.

I’m Not A Failure when I FAIL.

I dont always get it right, the past few months have been very hectic, new projects, existing commitments and mushrooming responsibilities. But, instead of tattooing a big F on my forehead and continually beating myself up about how I don’t always have my life together, I decided to take some proactive steps to help me slow down the hamster wheel. I outsourced some of my admin, I signed up for a meal delivery service ( I know! My friends think this is very funny, but I cant tell you how much time it has saved me) and I booked a weekend away, alone, so I could slow down, unplug, and re-focus. As a reformed perfectionist this was massive for me, I’m not a failure when I fail, I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, godmother, business owner, employee, employer, mentor, mentee, human being, doing the best I can, showing up, being real not perfect! 

Feel the Fear and carry on anyway.

The phone call that doesn’t get answered immediately, the emails that don’t get returned within the working day, the quotes that don’t get done until the next day when I have time to actually think about what would be required.
In the past I would be terrified of missing a call or a quote deadline for fear that I would miss out on whatever job was going. Just like an orphan fearful that the meal before them was their last chance at substance, I viewed every job that came my way as my one and only chance to earn an income. I’m freelance, I might not get another job for a week, or even a month. And you know what, I’m ok with that now. I now rather choose to live below my means, and not have the stress of constantly worrying about the next job or paycheck. I trust that another job will come along at some point, and until then I focus on other aspects of my life, my relationships, and my health, physical and mental well being, and my other interests. Pottery anyone?

Redefined Success.

Busyness does not define me,  material possessions do not define, a client list of prominent clients does not define me.

I’m not impressed by fancy houses, cars or clothes. Do I like them, sure, would I like them, well to be honest, no, not anymore. The less stuff I have to look after the better! 

I could care less about a big social media following, being seen at all the right places, with well know faces. If the only thing requiring my attention is the relationships I value then I’m happy. 

What interests me is the quality of the relationships I have with the small circle I have around me; both business and personal.  I measure success, as relational, not transactional. This has freed me up to say no to work that does not excite me, clients that do not respect me, work that does not pay me my worth, and stress and mental health issues I no longer care for.

I would love your thoughts on Work-Life-Balance, 

Is it an elusive unicorn?

Do we need a genie and a magic lamp?

Do you struggle with balancing all of life’s many facets, or have you got a plan/ system/ secret yogi technique that works for you?

  Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.



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