Call me the chicken whisperer…..what we do for fun part 2

“Can you source a live chicken,” was the request.

“Sure, no problem, I have a couple running around my garden,” I replied confidently.

“Great, can you bring one along to the studio tomorrow please, I have an idea for a shoot.”

Hmmm, I failed to mention at the time that my two chickens ( Henny- short for Henrietta, and Penny) are particularly unfriendly. Dispite  their safe, tranquil suburban enviroment, they continually behave as if  Chicken Licken has announced “the sky is falling” and  are very skittish, shy and well, unfriendly!

So there I was on rather fresh and frisky Johannesburg morning trying to catch an even more frisky and decidedly unfriendly chicken. I eventually succeeded, dosed her with a syringe full of rescue remedy, took a massive swig of the stuff myself,  threatened her with a basting of peri -peri or lemon and herb, if she did not behave, and off we went to our shoot.

I think she did particularly well.  In dolce whispered tones I had to remind her of my threat a couple of  times, ( if she read my other posts , she would know it was actually a hollow threat) but all in all I think she was a star!

 The details of the project can be seen here .

Have a fun friday every one!



No children or animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.

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