Easter 2020

Something I regularly struggle with is a title for my blog posts. It is just something that can hold me up more than anything else when it comes to posting regularly on my blog.

This year, with the Covid 19 crisis sweeping the world I am more stumped than ever. Lockdown Easter? Isolation Easter ?

Not very catchy.

So for wont of a better title, I’m going with the obvious. ( any suggestions welcome!)

I love Easter, it is by far my favourite time of the year. I have done an Easter shoot with Ms S for the past few years, usually with my friends from Nestling Photography, I never anticipated that this year I would be going solo on styling, cooking, and photography!
Prior to the corona virus epidemic I had planned to do a shoot, although I didn’t have a clear idea for the shoot theme, I had seen and ordered the cute outfits online from Zara Kids thinking I would come up with a theme later.  Enter curve ball.
On the 21st of March the South African government declared a National State of Disaster to mitigate the spread of the virus and implemented the strictest of social distancing regulations and enforced a total lock down on the entire country.

Enter my theme; an only child in isolation at Easter.
Ms S was totally unfazed but the lock down and immediately saw a silver lining – ” more chocolate for me! ”  she declared happily.  I set up a mini Easter egg hunt in the garden ( thankfully the President included chocolate as an essential item ) and we had turns hunting the precious stash of chocolate. Ms S then settled herself under a tree and enjoyed her hall.

it was certainly different from previous years, yet I have a feeling it will be the most memorable, and made even more poignant because of the circumstances.

Take care!

Love and chocolate.



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