Food Styling: 5 Tips For Taking Food Photos With A Smartphone

5 Tips For Taking A Great Social Media Food Photos with your Phone

“The best camera is the one you have with you ”

― Chase Jarvis

Sometimes I use my phone for something really revolutionary, I make a phone call. The other 90% of the time I use the calendar, notes, voice memos and particularly the camera.

Being able to simply capture precious moments, right away with something that fits in a pocket has put so much accessibility into food photography. To the lament of some fast food chains, and sub-par restaurants, nothing is safe from a smartphone snap, and possible social media exposure. Smartphone photography is a great way to capture the world around us, from candid images to carefully planned and styled shots.
The principles of good food photography don’t change, whether using a DSLR or a smartphone, you can get a great shot using the camera in your pocket, and with these tips, I hope you will get practicing !

1. Look for the LIGHT.

You cannot take a good photo without good light, it doesn’t matter if you’re using a smart phone or a fancy DSLR.  Natural light is best, if you’re taking a photo in a coffee shop, try sit near a window or door for natural light, move away from dark corners and try avoid florescent lighting as it will change the color in your photo to a nasty yellowish green.  Do not use the flash on your camera either, it will not do your food any favours.

2. Clean your camera lens.

Clean before you snap ! Phone cameras don’t come with fancy lens caps, and as phones spend most of the time in handbags or pockets, ( or in my case in Ms’s grubby paws)  it goes without saying a quick buff with a soft cloth goes a long way to ensuring a crispy smudge free image.

3. Take your time.

Don’t rush your photo. Take your time, think about your composition and your angle.  Smartphone cameras often work well from above because of the wide angle of the lens. Take your time and work out which angle works best and arrange your composition to compliment the dish. Hold your phone dead still and take your photo. Take more than one if necessary.

4. Learn to Edit.

The most polished professional looking photos are the ones that are well edited. There are great editing apps available, from Touchretouch to retouch cables or grease marks, to SnapSeed for color correction and cropping, and VSCO or Afterlight for editing exposure, saturation and getting a really polished look to your photos. Avoid crazy filters, most of them do not enhance the food and are a distraction rather than complimenting the photo or creating appetite appeal.

5. Have fun.

I see and hear of people getting so stressed out about their food photography. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, if it’s causing you stress, why are you doing it? Have fun, relax and enjoy yourself, if you’re honest and authentic in your approach, your picture will reflect that. `Enjoy friends! ! 

I’d love to see what you’re doing, so tag me on Instagram. 


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