Food Styling : Looking back

I learnt to snow ski when I was 26, working in a ski resort in Colorado. I went on to live in Whistler, British Columbia for 4 years after that, and skiing daily became part of my job. Although I grew proficient at it I always felt that because I hadn’t grown up skiing, or hadn’t learnt at a very young age, I would never be as good as those that had.
When I skied difficult terrain with a friend who had grown up in the Alps, could ski backwards before she talked and had double black diamond runs named after her, she always gave me the same advise: Look Back.
I might have a moment of panic, thinking what am I doing up here? Momentarily paralyzed by fear and doubt. My friend would calmly tell me to look back, stop and look back she would say.
Sit down on my skis, which was really easy because of the extreme angle we were on, and look back up the mountain.
Look how far you have come already.
Look at the ground we’ve covered already.
Look back and appreciate what you’ve accomplished so far!
Encouraging words that always got me down. ( usually elated but secretly vowing to never ski with her again )
Encouraging words that I reflect on now as I review the past year, and my food styling career.
I never officially chose food styling as a career, if there even is such a thing as officially choosing a career, and I had no idea back then that there was such a thing as food styling.
I have chef-fy, appropriate food qualifications for what I do, but as I moved into food styling by virtue of being in the right place at the right time, and not really having any proper training other than a “figure it out attitude” and drive and passion, I always felt like the african on the ski slopes.
Proficient but never really accomplished. Often doubtful of my creativity and insecure of my talent.
What a stop me in my tracks moment it was this week when I heard my name mentioned by someone I highly esteem, and who is very respected in our industry. Someone I don’t know personally, and whom I was not aware they were even familiar with my work.
Until this week I had never took the time to actually stop and look back.
Look at how far I have come in my career. Analyise the ground covered. Milestones and goals that I have achieved.
Sit down and really look at them, acknowledge them, appreciate them, celebrate them.

I’m doing that now.
Join me?
Pour a cup of coffee, sit down, and look back.

You’ve half way down the mountain baby, don’t stop now.

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
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