5 ways with: The ingredient everyone’s talking about…


…and with good reason too.Google listed Turmeric as the most searched, researched and trending ingredient in it’s list of 2016. The rising star of super foods, Turmeric has an impressive resume of health benefits, from powerful anti-oxidant properties to inflammation fighter and an all round super food hero.

Fresh turmeric has gone mainstream and is now widely available at large retailer supermarkets, neatly packaged in a low mess handy little container. However if you’re all about the DIY, look out for the root or bulb at your local veggie store or farmers market. The rhizome looks similar to ginger, and can be peeled and grated in the same way as you would ginger, just remember to wear gloves as it will stain everything orange especially your finger nails.

Recipes featured in Longevity magazine Feb/March 2017

Cleansing Turmeric spritzer with cucumber & mint
Tandoori style whole roast cauliflower with coriander
Tandoori style whole roast cauliflower with coriander raita


Turmeric and banana lassi
Asian Style Turmeric & Lemongrass Kedgeree
Turmeric Noddles & Prawn Bowls

Concept, styling and recipes: Taryne Jakobi Styling

Photography: Roelene Prinsloo



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