Food Styling: Trends – Noir Part 2 / Living in the tension of Black & White

Black OR White

Black AND WhiteIt’s not always clear.I recently gave away all my black clothes; not because black is drab, boring , or even some might say evil.No. I gave them away because I well, wait for it, I gave away all my white clothes too…I can’t explain it in definitive black and white clarity. Only that I’m questioning the hard line choosing one of these opposing colours.

Is this a metaphor for life ?Today is an important day in South Africa , anytime you make your black mark on a piece of white paper is, ย isn’t it ?Yet somehow is feels more confusing than ever.It’s not an issue of black and white anymore, well it shouldn’t be, but 20 years on this ย hard won democratic privilege still feels so much about black OR white.It still feels like we are fighting the same fight.Over and over again.Maybe it’s just about learning to live in the grey zone, working through the tension, and still making a mark.

Im off to make my mark, dressed in, yup , you guessed it, grey…

Happy Voting ( for those in South Africa)Go make your mark, it counts, no matter the color.


CupcakesRadishes Pears Nougat Mushrooms Meringue MarshmallowCoconut Carrots Camembert

Concept & Styling: Taryne Jakobi

Photography: Roelene Prinslooย 


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