Food Styling: You say Tomato..

I say, “thank you!” to the lovely people at ZZ Tomato.

Beautiful vine tomatoes from zz2
Beautiful vine tomatoes from zz2

I LOVE receiving letters and cards in the post. I try send my Christmas cards with “snail mail” every year, but unfortunately that’s all I seem to manage. I often long for a quieter life with more time to wrap and send parcels, compose personal notes to friends, buy, lick and stamp hand addressed envelopes. Modern life is not like that, and seems to be moving away from such “quaintness” at an alarming rate. When I do receive a parcel or gift in the post ( or in this case via courier ) I am absolutely delighted! Even more so when it’s a surprise and totally unexpected!

zz2 Tomatoes kindly sent me a selection of their awesome Roma & Cocktail tomatoes, watch this space for what I’ve been doing with them…


Food Styling : Taryne Jakobi

Photography: Vanessa Lewisย 

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