Food Styling : This shoot stretched me…


Pantone Colour Shoot


When Pantone released their much awaited selection for color of the year I was so excited!
My mind raced with all the lovely green things I could style and cook.

As the color is Kale I immediately settled on a vegan theme using Kale as my hero ingredient.

Well, what a surprise it turned out to be when I started on the recipe development, I’m not going to lie to you, it stretched me!

I ‘ve written before about cooking and styling unusual ingredients, so it wasn’t about that, curly kale is pretty main stream these days.

Can I say this ?

I totally, TOTALLY get vegetarianism, the cruelty to animals thing, reduce our carbon foot print, dietary awareness, less red meat and more plant based diets,etc.
But vegan?
Guys I just can’t imagine a life without cheese!
( I want to defend myself and say its Biblical to eat cheese Gen 18.8 ) The truth is cheese is almost my go to food for a snack, a meal, or just to add oomph to a salad.

I learnt a little about myself doing these recipes, and it proved an interesting experience. They were all absolutely delicious minus the cheese, and the virtuous rating was off the charts after munching my way through the salad after the shoot!

Whats your default food setting? Id love to hear :0



Photography by the green loving Roelene Prinsloo.



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