Styled Shoot : “what she said” and a new look …

I blog and write infrequently.
I’m often asked why I don’t post more often, and why I don’t make better use of my blog as a marketing tool.
There are two main reasons for this.
Firstly my website, which was initially designed as a bespoke site, without a good CMS. It was outdated and I did not “enjoy” it anymore. I loved it when it was first installed, but over the years I have not known how to update it and as a result I have neglected a lot of important stuff which would have kept it current. Hopefully I have now ( finally) sorted it out, and moved over to a template theme, which I’m slowly customising as I learn and figure things out.

Secondly, the elephant in the room. Social Media.

I could post weekly, or even daily, detailing every prop I source, recipe I test, shoot I do, editorial I write, client I meet and campaign I style.
I could fill my Instagram feed with billboard pics, recipe book pics and tv commercials.
I could, but I don’t want to.

I’ve been struggling with this for a while now. Frustrated with social media and the constant, ” look at me!” stuff I see posted. I have withdrawn more and more, trying to figure out a balance between doing things to be seen, and being seen doing things. ( I would hope mine was more of the latter)
My friend Tanya Kovarsky wrote an excellent piece on a similar dilemma she has with her own blog,  which eloquently expressed how I have been feeling recently.

I love her honesty, “I could write about all that I have. I could write about some of the things I don’t have. But while I’m one for gratitude, I don’t think I need to “brag” about all which I have, nor do I need to make the things I don’t have the “hero” of my story (though I probably will never stop writing about how I don’t have – and want – thinner thighs). Me too Tan ….

I don’t think I will ever have thinner thighs, or the answer to the quagmire of my place in a world of advancing technology.  Thank you friends, to those of you who have stuck around whilst I wrestle this through.

So, that all being said, I’m excited to share my new look blog and this beautiful first birthday cake smash shoot I styled recently.

I’ve become a little obsessed with loaded drip cakes and sprinkles, this shoot successfully  indulged both, along with all kinds of prettiness, giant gold flamingos, a magnificent chandelier, and the beautiful photography of the Nestling ladies.





















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