Food Styling Workshops: What is visual story telling & why you need it.

” A picture speaks a thousand words” 

My upcoming food styling workshop has a very long ( and not very catchy name )
It is called VISUAL STORY TELLING: The art of story telling with food & props.
And I hear you asking, “what does that even mean?”

I know, I know, I should have just called it a food styling workshop, and it is, but it is also so much more than that.
Food Styling is so much more!

Since before human beings could read and write we communicated with stories, verbal stories. As we evolved, the story telling did to,  from cave men, and their primitive rock art drawings, to troubadours singing songs to the illiterate population during the Middle Ages.
With the invention of the printing press the capacity for story telling increased, and the stories were no longer dependant on human memory, they could be recorded, and were portable, unlike the rock art and Hieroglyphics. Fast forward through the industrial revolution and story telling had more mediums, not just books, but photography, radio, and television.

And then 1990 hit, and the world wide web was born. Suddenly, anyone could tell their story, for the first time in history everyone had a voice through new mediums like blogs, YouTube, facebook, podcasts, and so on. With little to no cost it became possible for a good story to travel the world in the click of a moment.

“Today, there are more ways than ever ever before to tell stories.”

 But it is important to remember that what makes for a good story is the same today as it ever was.

A good story has a narrative, or story line, it has interesting characters, it has a plot, and often a sub -plot, and the best stories are the ones that are memorable, and they are memorable because they evoke an emotion.

The art of visual story telling is using visuals, or images, in this case photographs to tell a food story. The adage ” A picture speaks a thousand words” is the most adapt description of what visual story telling is.

In photography and food styling, the way to tell the food or recipe story is by using food and props.

 Creating the visual narrative  using colours, composition, lightening, we can craft a strong image, an image that tells a story, a story that will be remembered.

Every cake tells a story. Every picture (should) tell a story.

Why do we bake cakes ? A special occasion, a celebration, a shared event ( very seldom is cake a solo thing) 

There are so many reasons we bake and create.

What is your photo saying about your cake?

Is it telling the story of triumph- “I mastered this challenging recipe ! “

Is it telling the story of celebration – “ Look what I made! I never thought I could be a baker, I always felt intimidated in the kitchen”

Or in this case, my grandmothers one-bowl bundt cake, tells a story of nostalgia.

Of a simpler time, of a very real kind of slow living. 

An easy recipe that looks impressive but not ostentatious or gaudy. 

A beautiful gesture to friends and family that says I love you enough to bake you a cake on a random Thursday, cause who needs more reason than that !

The props connect to the theme, my grans vintage pressed glass cake stand and gorgeous antique French linen napkin are subtle clues in the story, sentimental and precious

The soft, pretty light says that this is a gentle story, a warm story, a wistful story. A memorable story. A well crafted narrative.

Your food has a story, and it deserves to be told well,  on Visual Storytelling: The Art of Story Telling With Food & Props, I’ll teach you how !

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