Friday Favourites: Ode to Autumn

 I recently came across a fabulous blog by a talented designer and stylist called Lauren Ledbetter. On her blog she has a “Friday Favorites ” series , of which she says , “I have an album on my iPad of all sorts of images from photoshoots & brands I’ve created. Sometimes it feels a little anti-climatic to post a project you put so much time and energy into, and then shortly after you are on to the next thing and it’s forgotten! All of the memories I’ve created in the last three years of owning Lauren Ledbetter Design & Styling are invaluable and I want to keep re-living them! SO, Friday favorites is the newest “blog-series.” Some of the photos you’ve seen, some you haven’t!”

I had hardly finished reading this when my fingers where scrolling up my iPad to the “contact me” button., actually Lauren is so friendly her contact button says “say hello” which I did, and  excitedly dashed off a email asking Lauren if  I could copy, hmm, can’t think of a better word, yes, copy her idea of a Friday Favourites series. I couldn’t agree more about keeping some images “alive” I often go through my iPad images and find myself saying, “ah that was such a cool shoot” or, “I love this shoot, I should have done a blog post about it”

So, thanks to Lauren, who so kindly replied to my email and graciously agreed that I may use her idea of a Friday Favourites series, only mine is spelt Favourites.

I came across these pictures of figs taken for something and then never used. “How appropriate !”  I thought for my first Friday Favourites post. (Pure coincidence , or is that serendipity that Lauren’s first FF post was also of figs? )
The pictures were never used for the publication they were taken for, and it seems such a shame to just “chuck them out” if there is such a  thing with digital images? Just as appropriate is that figs are a late summer, early Autumn fruit. As our days shorten and the early mornings get cooler I am reminded of a poem by John Keats which my high school Speech & Drama teacher ( yes I did drama, how did you guess?) made me recite by heart, in fact she so loved the poem she had it beautifully painted  on her entrance hall wall ( in the days l-o-n-g before vinyl wall stencils,)  she was not only way ahead of her time but had impeccable taste and the mural was painted in the most beautiful soft ochre tones, a tree ( I think?) tea stained leaves I recall scattered over the walls and the free-hand calligraphy words, ” Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness! Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun, conspiring with him to load and bless”

I hope your friday is filled with many autumnal favourites. See you next week.




Autumn Figs




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