Friday Favourites: Why is a cliche a cliche?

This time last year I was 7 1/2 months pregnant.

I had swollen ankles, hearburn, nausea, and a myriad of other  unglamourous complaints that are best not mentioned in  polite company  ( Can you tell I’ve been watching Downton Abbey? )

Well meaning folks keep saying, ” it will all be worth it,” “you won’t remember any of it,” and a host of other annoying cliches. I wished to reply with a dry retort like the Dowager Countess, but instead I held my tongue.

Now I realise they are well worn, over used phrases for a reason. They’re true!

This weekend a year ago I had my baby shower. I am at a loss to express without using another tired expression, what an absolute joy the past year has been. I loved every minute of the shower, the remainder of my pregnancy ( hiccups, cramps, loose ligaments and all!) and of course the past 10 months with my daughter .
In fact while we are on the cliches, it was over all to quickly and I can’t believe how fast the past year has flown by . At least I have these beautiful photos and great memories. Thanks as always to Vanessa Lewis for the pictures.
Yes I know ” enjoy every minute, they ( babies/toddlers/children) grow so fast” and I have, and they do. It’s all true.

Happy Friday everyone,





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