Fun at the Beef Fair

100% Beef ! No donkey, horse, kangaroo or water buffalo were used in the making of this commercial!

The timing of a recent project couldn’t have been more ironic considering all the media attention around research revealing labelled beef products often contain more than just beef species.

However our client was not aware of this when they commissioned us for the shoot, they were more concerned with the “bad rap” their feedlot meat has been getting and are on a campaign to highlight the quality of their meat, their farming methods and their abattoir.

Enter Vanessa and I; we were approached by the client to not only style and photograph the meat, but to come up with a concept for the shoot.

The brief was simple; show case the product ( raw meat) in a fun, quirky, interesting manner, highlighting the positive aspects of wholesomeness, “the great outdoors” home grown, and outstanding quality.

Our instruction, conceptualise this brief. No food on plates, no clinical stylised meat shots (but still hygienic) and most importantly include a wow factor that will stimulate open dialogue around their issue of feedlots.

Wow. What an awesome and interesting challenge, after a few minutes (literally 10 minutes and the idea struck!) brainstorming we came up with the concept of a Country Fair which would epitomise the “fresh outdoor idea” of wholesomeness, goodness and fun.

Vanessa commissioned her set builder to paint the blue sky background and I went on a mission to find suitable props.
I emailed the client a list of items to bring from their farm, authentic cow bells, cowboy hats, worn leather boots, hay bales, corn plants and corn. The good folks ( sounds country fairish to say “folks”, doesn’t it ?) at Prestige Awards were kind enough to lend me their magnificent trophies, and as always my one stop shop for pretty “smalls” In Good Company, did not disappoint. I then spent the weekend downloading cow templates and lettering to make rosettes, and bunting
After all what is a country fair without Craft ?

Beef might not be your thing, or feedlot beef, but whatever the personal issues involved I am so proud of having worked on this project.

I am thrilled with how our concept worked so well. From start to finish, it is yet another awesome and impressive testimony to the combined skills, talent and teamwork of Vanessa and myself. I am blowing my own country fair type trumpet here a bit but I think we deserve a real medal for pulling off such a successful shoot!












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