Hail Caesar, my favorite drink !

The responses to my Facebook post about tomato juice were so entertaining. They were either ” yum, delicious, ” or and “eeeuw how can you drink that stuff.”  Nothing in between.
It is clear, you either love or loath tomato juice.
I am in the >3 category.
I can’t remember when I had my first tomato juice, or when I became sophisticated enough to order a  tomato cocktail. ( lets face it, it is a sophisticated drink)
I can recall my first Bloody Caesar; on the patio of Citta’s Bistro, a bar in the ski resort of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. Never forgotten in fact.
A Caesar is a variation of a Bloody Mary, not very well know outside of Canada,( perhaps because of the addition of an ingredient which is sure to illicit even more eeeuws.)
Clam juice is the Canadian addition to the standard Bloody Mary mix, and is a type of clam stock or extract which is added to the tomato juice, and sold as Clamato juice.

The ingredients for the Canadian Bloody Caesar or  classic BloodyMary are otherwise the same; a tot of vodka, a splash of Tobasco sauce, a dash of Worchestershire sauce, and a  squeeze of lime juice. I drink mine “virgin”, without the alcohol, and add a little grated horseradish for a kick instead of the vodka.          

I fondly remember Citta’s Bloody Caesar being served with a celery salt rimmed glass and a spicy pickled bean.    

I set off on a mission to recreate the Cittas Bloody Ceasar, and ended up to trying out celery salt. This is what I  came up,  three variations.

  • Commercial celery salt, which is table salt with ground celery seeds. (Made simply by grinding celery seeds in a spice/coffee grinder, and mixing into the salt)  The easiest to acquire and use
  • Celery leaf salt, which is more to my liking as it uses sea salt as opposed to tablesalt.  Dried celery leaves mixed with Malden Sea Salt, recipe here . This is my new favourite. I will be making this again, it is quick and easy, and a jar sealed well will make a fab pressie, and can be used for flavouring stocks, soups and sauces.
  • Thirdly,  celery stick salt, which is the oven dried celery stick mixed with sea salt, **recipe here .  This seasoning had the mst signifigant celery flavour, and the aroma when i ground it was very strong and “celery-like” fun if you have time to make.**note about this recipe: drying the chopped celery took over 12 hours in my oven **


  The Cittas Bloody Ceasar was served with a spicy pickled bean, recipe here. 

I didnt get around to making the beans as I spent so much time on my celery salt making. I instead made ice cubes with lemon slices and celery leaves as my garnish. Pretty stylish I think!  A note on the celery salt, when rimming the glass, use sparingly, it is very pungant.



 I wonder if any  readers in the ‘dislike” categorgy can be encouraged ( challenged ) to at least give my favourite drink a try.. I would love to hear from you.

Cheers ! and Love




.all images by Taryne Jakobi styling
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