Happy Women’s Day !

To all the lovely women in South Africa, lady friends around the world, and the awesome men who love and support strong women, Happy Women’s Day !

I thought I would embrace the spirit of the day by sharing a few photos from a personal shoot I did. It was awkward and I felt uncomfortable posing for the camera, I usually have my daughter with, and I realize how much I use her as a “prop” to hide behind in shoots.

So this shoot on my own stretched me, I felt vulnerable doing it and even more so now, sharing it. But, that’s how we grow, isn’t it? And if there is one thing I’ve learnt, its that the pain, the uncomfortable-ness, the awkwardness is all worth it in the end.I love looking back on my life and going, wow, that used to be such an issue for me, and it no longer is, or, wow, that used to really cause me angst and it no longer does, i worked throughout, I are through it, I learnt through it.

Happy Women’s Day friends.


Thank you to Nestling Photography for the photos

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