Have a cracking good Christmas !

 Conceptual Shoot Basics 101.

Vanessa has a dietician client in London, Wilma Kirsten Nutrition, who specialises in IBS and bowel related health.
 We were asked to put something together for her end of year newsletter, in which she wished to remind clients of certain temptations and over  indulgences during the festive season which could affect their health.

 Obviously she did not want to come across as a kiljoy but rather to  remind folks to main a certain  level of dietary awareness whilst also enjoying the festivities.

I love the shoot we put together, it has a fun element and gets the message across to0. Which was the point !
I think we filled the brief perfectly between balance and festivity. The point of  this conceptual shoot was to combine an idea with a practicality. In this shoot we combined the idea of nutrition and balance, with the literal representation of  festivities; such as Christmas crackers, baubles and sweetie wrappers.

  A cracking good Christmas

 PS. Thanks to Vanessa for the title of this post. Not only a fab photographer but my copy editor too!

PSS.I loved the food personality profile on Wilma Kirsten.com website, you can click on the link here

 What is your food personality?  Mine was fascinating, I think the the old idiom rings true ; you are what you eat !

Have a cracking and healthy Christmas.




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