Food Styling : my favourite shoot!

Trayne Jakobi food styling, conceptual food styling, macaroons.
Cherry Macaroons

 I’m sure in this form they still count as fruit and veg?

Yesterday  Vanessa & I had some time to play around with an idea I have had for a while.
This is the result, and I am thrilled at how it turned out.
I was going to write a post about the conceptualisation ( long word!) process of a  conceptual food styling shoot as opposed to a representative shoot.
Note the word was.
It seems I can not  , I struggle to write a short post . I will save the description for another post, suffice to say  I am too eager to share these.. so no long essay.
Long story short. Saw an idea on the internet, adapted it, photographed it.
Macaroon Fruit and Veg.

food styling, Taryne Jakobi. conceptual food styling.


Food styling, Taryne Jakobi, macarrons, conceptual pictures.
Tomato Macaroons





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