In case you’re wondering …

Have you ever wondered 

  • How to take your food styling to the next level, from ordinary to extra – ordinary?
  • What professional stylists do differently to food bloggers?
  • What equipment, supplies and tools a professional stylist actually uses?
  • What tricks and special techniques professional food stylists use to get the perfect shot ?
  • How to handle clients; from quoting, to booking, to invoicing ?
  • How to deal with the uncertainty in the food styling, and gain confidence in your skill and craft ?
  • How to forge a career path in professional food styling ?

If so, then read on! 

I wondered all these things to!

When I started in  food styling, I had no idea where to go, or who to approach for training, never mind guidance. I scoured magazines, and books, googled as much as I could, and learnt almost everything I know through the simple, but very difficult and lengthy process of trial and error.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

I have designed a course that teaches you everything I have spent 18 years learning and testing for myself. I can guide you and show you what works and what doesn’t work, what you need and don’t need to become a professional food stylist.

I want you to have what I never had.

I have created resources to teach you everything you need to know, whether it’s how to get started in the food styling industry, or how to expand your existing business, increase your market and take your business to the next level. I even have master class lessons if you need help with a specific food styling item such as how to style ice cream, or how to make the perfect burger for a billboard. You don’t have to hustle or struggle anymore, I’ve got it all ready for you.

If it involves food styling, I’ve done it.  And this is why I know I can help you.

The course is perfect for you if you are: 

  • A student wishing to pursue a career in food styling.
  • An editorial or lifestyle food stylist wanting to learn about commercial food styling.
  • A food professional working for a company or food corporation and wanting to expand on your knowledge to style your own products.
  • A creative industry or hospitality industry professional looking to expand your knowledge of food styling.

And, if you’re still wondering abut what you can expect on the course check out all the details here, or feel free to email me! 

I look forward to you joining the course.

Photography: Vanessa Lewis & Styling: Taryne Jakobi

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