Hey friend! I know you! And I know why you’re here. How? Because I was just like you, scrolling the internet (and back in the day -  bookstores and magazines) for all the info I could get my hands on to help me in my food styling journey. I’m so excited you stopped by because what I have to offer is designed specifically for people like yourself! You have a food styling passion, dream and desire but you don't know how to go about making it a reality. I’m passionate about teaching you all the tips and tricks Ive learnt over the years, and its my mission to make it easier for you than it was for me.  I’m committed to helping you reach your food styling dreams and doing it with support and a great community. I want you to have what I never had. I have created resources to teach you everything you need to know, whether it’s how to get started in the food styling industry, or how to expand your existing business, increase your market and take your business to the next level. I even have master class lessons if you need help with a specific food styling item such as how to style ice cream, or how to make the perfect burger for a billboard. You don't have to hustle or struggle anymore, I’ve got it all ready for you. Over the past 17 years, I've worked as a professional food stylist. I started with only a copy of Martha Stewart Living, and a scrap book of beautiful food images. I was fortunate enough to meet a food magazine editor who saw my passion and gave me an opportunity. Since then I have styled recipe books ( 8 if anyone's counting), countless magazine articles, with some of them being featured on the covers of leading food magazines, styled in-store campaigns for large retailers, television commercials, billboards, restaurant menus, and product packaging. If it involves food styling, Ive done it.  And this is why I know I can help you. Want to know more? This is what I believe It doesn't have to be a struggle. I worked alone, I did not have other stylists I could bounce ideas off, I didn’t have a mentor I could turn to for advice, and I didn’t have a community of support for where to get props, ingredients and equipment. It was a hard, and lonely. And It doesn't have to be! All of life is beautiful, every imperfection is special, and worthy of our time and appreciation. Taking the time to enjoy and reflect on life is essential to enjoying it.

I believe in real, authentic and messy. And my desk is always testament to that. As well as my constantly smudged mascara ( I’m a crier) Community is far more valuable to me than competition. I want to support you, encourage you and basically be the cheer leader to your dreams. You can do it ! You are gifted, creative, talented and I believe in you. No one is born without a unique and individual gift, and that’s what makes you special, so you betta believe it friend! Less is more. The minimalist mantra applies more to my personal ethos than to consumerism.  Less emotional baggage, less guilt, less angst and less self - doubt. More fun, more energy, more connection and more passion doing what I love with those I love.Are you on board with any of this? I hope you will stick around! Join our gang, and lets have some fun building this dream of yours together.You can be an email insider and get a whole lot of extra and free resources as well as access to my masterclasses and workshops. Including my free intro to food styling which I wrote especially to welcome you. Sign up here for your free resource. When I’m not styling, I’m faffing at home with flowers, feeding a fussy 5 year old, or researching how to keep my orchids alive (please never give me an orchid unless you have a death wish for the poor unsuspecting plant). I’m married to an amazing, supportive husband, who is my biggest cheerleader. We love hiking, him long challenging ones, me not so much. My bucket list is to do as many cooking courses in different countries as I can. I absolutely love traveling, especially airports and plane food, I know it’s odd, but I just love those neat little compartments of food. I’d love to know more about you, feel free to drop me a line, tell me more about your goals, and let’s see how we can make them a reality. I also hang out in a few places online, so why don’t you join me over a virtual iced coffee, or tea (I like both, how about you?)  and we can procrastinate together on Instagram (aren't IG stories addictive?) or Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook. You can also sign up to my newsletter here.

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