Learn: Why I don’t follow trends as a Professional Food Stylist

I don’t follow trends, and I dont think you should either …

In my previous blog post and email newsletter I asked you to reply and tell me your frustrations with food styling.

One of the many replies I got was, ” How do I stay inspired and keep ahead of the fast moving trends in food photography and food styling.”

My answer is quite simple, and might surprise you, ” I DON’T”
And I ‘ll tell you why,
Trends don’t interest me.
What I am far more interested in is creating.

So this is why I don’t follow trends, because trends don’t push my creativity. 

I want to push myself, I want to try new things, I want to try different things, whether these things are trending or not is not important to me.
What is important to me is developing myself, stretching myself and always creating.
I think following trends is a waste of my time and energy. A pointless “chasing after the wind,” because as the other saying goes, ” there is nothing new under the sun” so why spend brain power and band width trying to keep up with ever changing trends, and chasing after the rainbow.
Instead my approach is to look at my own work and ask myself, ” what haven’t I tried yet” what is something new and different I can do in my work.
Following trends only sets one up for comparisons and that my friend is not a road I want to go down.
I do me.
Not trends.
It’s better for my creativity, and it’s better for my mental health.

I know this is difficult for a lot of people, the conflict between being on trend, and being true to ones self. This is why I cover a lot of this in my upcoming 1 Day Intensive Food Styling Workshop. I want to give you the freedom to create, and be YOU!

I believe when we are true to ourselves we are the most creative and there is nothing more inspiring than authenticity !

Until next time, happy styling’


PS. For those that missed my previous post, you can read the blog post here.


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