Intro Into Food Styling

Intro to Food Styling Workshops are all about having fun!

The only requirements are simply the willingness to try something new. If you are a MasterChef contender or a Mrs Woolies with a passion and enthusiasm for food you don’t have to know anything more about food except that you enjoy it.

The workshops are an introduction to the art of food styling; how you can plate and present food without mad culinary skills and are perfect for getting you started with the wonderful passion of food styling. Bring your phone camera or DSLR along and have some fun snapping your creations.



The workshops run on weekday mornings and occasional Saturday mornings.

The last courses for the year are now in September and October,  sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear when bookings open.


They run for 3.5 hours from 9.30 am- 1pm






A practical example for you to practice on and ingredients for you to style yourself.

Cheat Sheets & Free Resources for you to take home

Includes light refreshments.


R1,500.00 per person


per person

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NEW - 1 day Intensive Food Styling Workshop

The course covers both theory and practical sessions, including:

An intro into food styling, and what makes a good food stylist.

Tips and tricks to make your food and images stand out on social media.

What you need in your food styling kit

The role of props and backgrounds

How to style and shot different set ups, such as drinks, cakes, and flatlays.

You will have the opportunity to create your own styled shoot & photograph it for yourself with either your cellphone or DSLR camera


The opportunity for you to style and shoot your own scenes.

Free resources and cheat sheets for you to take home.

Beautifully composed scenes for you to shoot for your portfolio.

Refreshments and light lunch.

Includes food, props, backgrounds and items for your own styled shoot.



Just bring yourself and a passion for styling!

All other materials are provided.

Bring along your phone or DSLR camera for taking your own shots alongthe way.


Course runs for a full day, 9.30 – 4 pm


Saturday, 14 September, 2019


Friday 4 October, 2019


R 2500,00 per person

R 2,500.00

per person

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Main Course

Visual Story-Telling Through The Art of Food & Prop Styling

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The art of food and prop styling is an intensive 2 day course covering the basics of food and prop styling.

The course is perfect for aspiring stylists, bloggers, creatives and foodie enthusiasts wishing to build their brand or showcase their creativity online.

This course is perfect for you if you are :

  • An aspiring food or lifestyle stylist wanting to learn from an industry professional.
  • A foodie or creative social media buff who wants shots on their blog, Instagram or Pinterest to be to a cut above the rest.
  • A creative entrepreneur whose business relies on stunningly styled shots such as a caterer or baker.
  • A photographer wanting to expand their food styling knowledge.


The types of food styling, defining visual styles, tips & tricks, and what you will need in your kit, the role of props, the opportunity to style and shoot your own work in a professional food studio.


10 & 11 May 2019


2 full days


R 7,500.00

For more info sign up below and I’ll send you my awesome cheatsheet – a list of food styling terms

Yes! I want all the info, please email me

Includes  freebies –
Glossary of food styling terms

Food Stylist Kit Checklist


per person

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Full Menu

Professional Food Styling Course: The Signature Experience.

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The signature experience professional food stylist course is an intensive 3 day workshop covering all aspects of commercial food styling.
I share all my personal experience and inside knowledge of working in the advertising industry as a professional food stylist.

The course is strongly directed to those with a knowledge of cooking, or already working in the food industry with a background in either cooking or food technology.

The course is perfect for you if you are:

  • A student wishing to pursue a career in food styling.
  • An editorial or lifestyle food stylist wanting to learn about commercial food styling.
  • A food professional working for a company or food corporation and wanting to expand on your knowledge to style your own products.
  • A creative industry or hospitality industry professional looking to expand your knowledge of food styling.

The course covers everything you need to know about commercial food styling from the admin side, how to quote to the practical, how to style a burger.

I combine both theory and practical to give you as much information as possible, and an up close and personal look as to how I run my business.


A basic knowledge of food is beneficial but no hands on cooking is required.


Just bring yourself and your questions!
All other materials are provided.

You are welcome to bring along your phone or digital camera for taking your own shots along the way, other items will be supplied.

Space limited to 6 participants.


The course will be held in Johannesburg, and the venue will be confirmed.

The price does not include travel or accommodation in Johannesburg.
Refreshments, snacks, and lunch are included every day for attendees.
This workshop also includes a styled shoot.



per person


Creative Mentorship & Career Building Strategy Sessions

Being an entrepreneur can be tough! I know.

Having someone who has done it before, and someone you can chat to, plan and strategise with when you’re trying to build the independent career of your dreams, is pure gold and something I wish I had had!

Even if you’re confident in your creative skills and have no trouble finding clients, speaking with another experienced freelancer who’s been in your shoes before can help you grow your career in ways you might never have thought possible, whether it’s helping to brainstorm new ideas or just getting through an annoying client issue that’s been troubling you for months.

Having a mentor to help you grow as a freelancer and achieve your goals is a no-brainer.

I’m passionate about helping you reach your full awesomeness.

I’m honest, open, and committed to helping you propel your creative life into the stratosphere!

We can meet in a local coffee shop ( I’m based in Fourways, Johannesburg and know lots of great places) or we can chat over Skype and enjoy a cuppa in the comfort of our couches. Either way I want to walk along side you as you grow the business you desire and the lifestyle you long for.

“Taryne, we would just like to thank you again for meeting with us today. And, for all your valuable advice! It’s really so refreshing to chat to someone who genuinely offers up help and we’re so motivated to work on the tips you gave us. Thanks so much!”

C&R Photography


1.5 hours

R 1,750.00

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1.5 hours x 4

R 6,000.00

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