Mo-vember is nearly over..



…and I really moustache, but before I do, how did yours grow, I mean go?

I will post the recipe for these scrummy Caramel Swirl Cupcakes in a whisker.



Okay so I love corny puns..

ย forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚

Caramel Swirlย  Mousache Cupcakes

No formal recipe, just whip up a batch of vanilla cupcakes and butter icing. Using a sharp knife cut a hole out of the centre of each cupcake ( if you look carefully you will see the piece of cake in the picture) Alrighty, then pipe a squirt of caramel into each hole. Swirl the remaining caramel through the butter icing and pipe on top of the cupcakes.

Cut out templates of moustaches from this website, and serve. Voila.

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