New(ish) Work: finally – “A Pinch of ” by Caron Melamed, Published !

I wrote a while back about this project and what a joy it was for me. Not only is Caron Melamed one of the nicest people I have ever worked with but I also got to work with my friend and photographer Roelene Prinsloo.
These are a few of the images Roelene and I did together for the book ( not all the images in the book are by Roelene)

Mazel tov Caron ! You can stop pinching yourself , your dream is a reality.
Thank you that I could be a part of it !

The book  is available directly from Caron Melamed.
In this article ( such a great pic of Caron) it says the book is now available at selected Exclusive books stores in Johannesburg, and at Thrupps.




Asian Steak copy Fennel and Radish salad copy Grilled pineapple with caramel sauce copy Caramelised Onion Turkey copy Ginger crunch Ice cream copy Tiramisu copy Sweet citrus brulee copy Chargrilled eggplant and tahina 2 copy Spinach Pizza copy Rockey Road copy















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