Food Styling: Can you keep a secret…

Can you keep a secret ?

I can.
I’m not talking about bad secrets. Stuff that should NEVER be secret, abuse, bullying, crime etc.
I’m talking about ” good secrets.” (We should probably call them confidences rather than secrets.)
A surprise birthday party, special gift, a proposal.
Clark Kents real identity.
Your colleagues crush on the guy in procurement.

In fact I’m really good at keeping mum.
Saint Taryne, patron saint of the zipped lip.
A work colleague whose unplanned pregnancy would have hampered promotion, I kept under wraps, for, well, 9 months.
And, a high power couples  immigration plans which were ( they thought) NASA qualifying TOP SECRET, for fear of an industry backlash, I feigned ignorance until all was revealed …

Now, before you go all judge-y on me, that I’m priestly & pious, let me share the my secret to to keeping confidences.

The antonym for a “Memory like an elephant”
A memory like Taryne ( ag shame)

Yip, the key to keeping a confidence is not the ability to be super spiritual, in my case anyway, it’s simply a rather poor memory.

When my cousin was pregnant she was eager to know the gender of her baby, but her husband was not. He said it was ok for her to find out but he did not want to know.
Once my cousin got the little pink piece of paper in the sealed envelope from her gynecologist she just couldn’t keep it to herself, excitedly she shared the good news with me and swore me to keep quiet for the next 6 months.
When the baby was born I exclaimed delightedly ” it’s a girl !” With as much enthusiasm as the rest of the family!
My cousin looked at me amused, ” you look as surprised as everyone else who didn’t know ” she laughed,
I had completely forgotten I was privy to this secret and so my surprise at the gender reveal was genuine !
It hadn’t been difficult to keep the secret because I simply forgot that I knew.

Now there are some things that should never be secret.
So I’m going to let you in on a big one.
It’s called talent.
Actually that’s TALENT!
IN CAPITAL LETTERS, bold and underlined
And this is it,
Photographer Dylan Swart
This guy is going places, and that’s no secret, so spread the word….

No need to keep this one quiet, it deserves to be spoken about 🙂

Many thanks to the super talented TALENTED, and humble Dylan Swart for the fun video we did with pasta.

PS, another secret, Pasta is really really easy to make, I hope you will give it a go.



Recipe for pasta dough and really good instructions, here 


Robiola Cheese Ravioli, with Porcini dust
Robiola Cheese Ravioli, with Porcini dust


Homemade Tagliatelle with Burnt Butter, Pinenuts and Parmesan
Homemade Tagliatelle with Burnt Butter, Pinenuts and Parmesan


Homemade Pasta




Recipe and ~Styling Taryne jakobi

Photography etal

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