Food Styling: Trends – NOIR part 1

I have a framed print on my wall that says ” Love is the new black”

I love it!

It reminds me that actually there is , as the saying goes, ” nothing new under the sun” … Love is not new, it’s not a trend, a fashion or a passing fad.

Love is actually the real deal.

I love this new series of dark food shots we did on a matt black background.
I love that I get to do this, and I love that sometimes creativity is simply doing what you love, regardless of fashion, fads, and an ever chasing after the wind newness…

Big LOVE to the lovely ( she really is, inside and out, one of the love-ly-est people)Β Roelene Prinsloo for the amazing photography !
Styling & concept – Taryne Jakobi Styling








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