New Work: I LOVE this shoot so much

I know it’s a corny line, overused and not very imaginative, and worse I probably say it a lot too !
Classic foodie combos ? Dull
Perfect Partners ? Uninspiring
Foodie Best Friends For-ever
Sounds good !

So my foodie bffs was an idea I had a while back and asked my FB friends for ideas and suggestions of their fav foods
Some were very funny, others scary and a few outright gross ( sorry friends – some of you have very weird tastes ! Marmalade and Fishpaste on toast – no, I don’t think so )
These are mine- my go to classic combos and delightful duos !
Of course this shoot was done with the most fab of bff’s – Vanessa Lewis and her camera !

pairing_12final pairing_10 final pairing_9final pairing_6 final pairing_4final pairing_2final pairing_1 final

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