Food Styling: Advertising – The most unusual food styling request….

A print advert for GLAD clingfilm is probably the most unusual food styling request I’ve ever had.

I’ve been asked to make not so appealing food look ( here) . I’ve even been asked to make unpopular food look good.

I have, until this shoot,never been asked to make good food look bad.

The concept for GLAD was to photograph what happens to the good food without the use of the product, GLAD clingfilm ( plastic wrap)

A very clever concept. The mould was printed on a transparency that was over the “good” sandwich, as one pages through the magazine, the “bad” sandwich is on the top, and underneath, the “good” sandwich.

So clever don’t you think?

GLAD advert

Good ( & Bad) Food Styling – Taryne Jakobi
Photography – Vanessa Lewis
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