New Work : Why this post has been in my drafts folder for nearly 6 months

I was so sure I was having a boy.
I wasn’t so sure I would cope with a girl.
Girls = pretty! and pink and all the things nice like sugar and spice.
When I mentioned my dilemma to other mothers the response was the same, ” you are definitely a girly mommy” even ladies I didn’t know very well said this to me.
This confused me even more.
Growing up I was not a tomboy, but I was no girly-girl either. More plain jane then pretty princess.
My teenage years were far more awkward than awesome, and fraught with insecurity about my appearance; in particular my height and my hair.
“Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the frizzest hair of all?”
I’ve struggled for years to come to terms with big hair and big feet, and have carried these insecurities, sad to say for most of my life.
Ironically, I only ever felt pretty when I was pregnant.
Pregnancy hormones made my hair super straight and for the only time in my life I experienced 9 frizz free months! Yet, in a cruel, cruel twist of fate my already large feet grew an extra shoe size.
Stop laughing.
Just. Stop. It
Anyway, what has any of this got to do with food styling ?
I don’t know for sure exactly, except that I did this shoot and wrote this post nearly 6 months ago, and somehow I couldn’t find the courage to post it or share it?
Why? I think I have few reasons, the main one being I got caught up in what other people thought about me, and I not only let them steal my joy, but I forgot who I was.
I’m resolved to move past a lot of stuff, to get back to enjoying things that make me happy, pretty things. So I’m posting this now. Spring was 6 months ago. It’s now almost Autumn, but that’s ok, whatever season I’m in, I will blossom!
I hope you will continue to enjoy the prettiness with me.
Much love
As always a pretty bouquet of thanks to Vanessa Lewis for these beautiful images.
Styling and blossom- picking prettiness by Taryneย 20140316-200853.jpg










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