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2012 is going to be Fruity ! 
                                                      well Citrus,
                                                                             actually Tangerine to be precise…

I am super excited to share this with you!     2012 is going to be  H  O  T  !

Drum roll please…

Announcing the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2012… Tangerine Tango.

Pantone is the worlds leading colour specialist, and authority on colour trends.
Pantone Incorporated is a colour classification system that makes the communication and standardization of colours, using a number referencing system, universal.

How does this affect food styling?
Well colour trends in fashion influence decor which in turn influences food. This  means we are going to be seeing a lot of Tangerine Tango and varies hues thereof in food related accessories such as crockery, cookware ( check out LeCreuset SA’s stunning colour blocking advert on their webpage) and tableware, napkins, tableclothes and smal table decor. Not to mention the effects on weddings, wedding decor and flower arrangements.
Oh what fun!

Twice a year at New York fashion week, Pantone releases colour palatte trends for the coming seasons. These include clothes, accessories, apparel such as shoes, belts, scarves and are for both men & women, along with  home décor trends, wall paints, fabric colours, design elements etc.
Even beauty companies such as Essie Nail Polish and MAC cosmetics use this Pantone colour forecast to develop their cosmetic colours for the coming season.

From these various colour palates  ( there are 8 different palattes ranging from brights, to pastels, to metalic’s) Pantone selects or highlights one colour as the colour of the year. ( 2011 was Honeysuckle, and 2010 was Turquoise)  Have you noticed how much turquoise and honeysuckle pink is in the shops, whether it be clothes, decor or kitchen accessories? Now you know why!

The colour blocking trend is such a big  trend and it is from this palatte that Pantone has selected  a bright and bold colour for 2012. You can download the pdf of all the colour palates here

Keep your eyes open for Tangerine Tango… it’s going to be H O T !




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