Oh so many Mango’s !

Not that I am complaining. I love mango’s.


If 2012 was the year of Salted Caramel then 2013 might be the year of the Mango.
Approached by a local grower to photograph their beautiful fruit, we were sent boxes and boxes ( 15 to be exact) of the most gorgeous mango’s. I have never seen such variety in South Africa, and enquired as to why not, this was the response from the grower:

“Shelly, HoneyGold and Princess are all 3 protected mangoes, in laymen’s terms protected by a patent. So we are slowly moving forward with these cultivars. Up until now, we had a exclusive arrangement with a large retailer. That will not be the case in future. These mangoes will become more and more readily available, so look out for them in the future. ”

My favourite was an Asian looking fruit called Nam Doc Mai, it has an interesting oblong shape, pale lemon coloured flesh which is deliciously firm and fragnant, I was informed,

“Nam Doc Mai is a GREAT tasting cultivar, but we cannot protect it, as it does not bear a “patent” – difficult to build grower value when anybody can grow it. We do see it as a niche market fruit, although my opinion is that if more people got to know the taste, they would definitely ask for specific cultivars. It’s a slow process in a mango industry that is currently struggling to survive due to various factors. But be patient – we are getting there.”

I love working with local industry, its a priviledge to do what I do. I wish the mango growers well with all the challenges and obstacles the farms and industry face, I certainly appreciate the amazing fruit they produce!



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