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Being an entrepreneur can be tough ! I know.
Having someone who has done it before, and someone you can chat to, plan and strategize with when you’re trying to build the independent career of your dreams, is pure gold and something I wish I had had!

Even if you’re confident in your creative skills and have no trouble finding clients, speaking with another experienced freelancer who’s been in your shoes before can help you grow your career in ways you might never have thought possible, whether it’s helping to brainstorm new ideas or just getting through an annoying client issue that’s been troubling you for months.

Having a mentor to help you grow as a freelancer and achieve your goals is a no-brainer.
I’m passionate about helping you reach your full awesomeness.
I’m honest, open, and committed to helping you propel your creative life into the stratosphere!

We can meet in a local coffee shop ( I’m based in Fourways, Johannesburg and know lots of great places) or we can chat over Skype and enjoy a cuppa in the comfort of our couches. Either way I want to walk alongside you as you grow the business you desire and the lifestyle you long for.

1 on 1 Mentorship Session

1.5 hours

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