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Tuesday 2 October 2018 – Friday 5 October 2018

The signature experience professional food stylist course is an intensive 4 day workshop covering all aspects of commercial food styling.
I share all my personal experience and inside knowledge of working in the advertising industry as a food stylist.

The course is strongly directed to those with a knowledge of cooking, or already working in the food industry with a background in either cooking or food technology.

The course is perfect for you if you are:
  • A student wishing to pursue a career in food styling.
  • An editorial or lifestyle food stylist wanting to learn about commercial food styling.
  • A food professional working for a company or food corporation and wanting to expand on your knowledge to style your own products.
  • A creative industry or hospitality industry professional looking to expand your knowledge of food styling.
The course covers
Day 1:
  • Module 1: Food Styling- a brief intro
  • Module 2: The difference commercial & editorial food styling.
  • Module 3: Types of commercial food styling.
  • Module 4: Who you may work with on a commercial shoot
  • Module 5. What is a Brief ? Understanding a brief & receive brief for practical on Day 5
Day 2:
  • Module 6: How to allocate your time
  • Module 7: How to quote
  • Module 8: How to read / write a call sheet
  • Module 9: How to prep / preproduction guidelines
  • Module 10: How to keep track of expenses and how to recon
Day 3:
  • Module 11: Practical Demonstration – How to style a whole chicken or turkey
  • Module 12: Practical Demonstration – How to style a hamburger
  • Module 13: Practical Demonstration – How to style pizza with a cheese pull & create steam
  • Module 14: Practical Demonstration – How to style ice cream
Day 4:
  • Attendee Practical – putting it all into action, & styled shoot.

A basic knowledge of food is required

Required Material:
  • Just bring yourself and your questions!
    All other materials are provided.
  • You are welcome to bring along your phone or digital camera for taking your own shots along the way, other items will be supplied
Additional Items:
  • CheatSheet – How to cost
  • CheatSheet – Glossary of Terms
  • Templates: Quote
  • Template: Call Sheet
  • Template: Prep Sheet
  • Template: Expenses sheet
Space limited to 12 participants.

Dates : Tuesday 2 October 2018 – Friday 5 October 2018

 Cost : R 15,500.00 per person

This course will only be held once a year.

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