About Me & My Experience

I am a professional food stylist, chef and recipe developer. I specialise in food styling for advertising, packaging, publishing, editorial content for print or digital, and videos for online or TVC. For the past 16 years I have worked as a food stylist, recipe developer and recipe tester for some of the largest and most well known brands in South Africa. I bring with me a wealth of culinary experi­ence, food styling knowledge and kitchen skills that are fundamental to the business of food styling.

When I'm not styling I'm hanging out at home with my family. My daughter loves baking, and garnishes everything she eats with sprinkles. I enjoy developing recipes with either new or existing products, and cooking, baking or testing new recipes is always a fun challenge for me, especially when I have such a cute little helper! Please feel free to contact me for my full portfolio. My work can also be viewed on my website www.tarynejakobi.co.za

Why Me

My aim is always to create beautiful and professional looking 500d images that are brand-consistent and current. I love working with my clients to achieve the highest results possible 5or their product.

I know that there are plenty other stylist out there with similar offers - but, there is only one me! I believe in building a relationship, you won't just be another client on the calendar, you'll be a valued part of my business. This is also why I believe I have worked with some of the same clients for more than 10 years. I am as invested in your product as you are, and it gives me great joy to participate in the building of your business as much as it does my own.

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