Styled Shoot : Rustic & Simple Easter Shoot

Friends I won’t lie to you, I can go a little cray-cray on stuff. Especially the details and decor for photo shoots. 

Details!ahhh…  Details are my thing.I can get really hung up on making sure all the details connect. The colours, the food, the decor, every little thing. So much so that I used to sit up at night filling pages and pages in my notebook as I mind mapped the details for a photoshoot.

I know.

I K N O W!

At the beginning of this year I defined my intentions for the year.

One of which was to pursue less.

Less stuff, less to do lists, less stress, less pressure, less procrastination, less spending, less planning ( and more doing, cause I can get seriously stuck in the planning)

I read a great blog post by my friend Julie Gallagher


I was already planning my April newsletter which includes a list for a capsule prop cupboard, so buying less and using more of what I have is fast becoming my mantra.

I can not tell you how thrilled I am with this Easter shoot. Had I filled reams of notebooks with ideas they would not have come close to what I saw when the images downloaded on my screen.

I resisted the urge to splurge on Easter props and used what I had, mismatched egg cups, wire baskets, and ginger beer bottles for vases.

I foraged for sticks, cut wild flowers on the side of the road, and I may or may not have taken secateurs to the neighbors fig tree pre-dawn.

I baked a simple chocolate mouse cake, dyed some eggs,  and for the first time ever went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before a shoot.

I have also been working on clearly defining my style, who I am as a stylist, what I represent and what I hope to achieve, which is what I suppose the clever people call a brand. This has been a mind bender for me. What I think, how I style and what I’m attracted to, my aesthetic is so intrinsically organic, it’s so much a part of who I am that I’ve never thought about it, let alone set out to have it clearly defined.

But this shoot.

This shoot has done it for me !

This shoot is everything I believe in, and love. From the colours, to the styling, the photography, props and crafts, to the sentiment and most especially the values I hold dear.

Everything is beautiful, everything is useful, everything has purpose, and everything is worthwhile. And isn’t that the Easter story, the most beautiful story ever! Love, redemption, forgiveness, new life, new purpose.

I love you friends, thanks for indulging my ramblings.

I hope you have a very blessed Easter.


Concept, Styling and Food: Taryne Jakobi StylingPhotography : Nestling Photography
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