Secrets of a stylist….


… Never under estimate the value of a good knife.

Yesterday I attended the media launch of the new Kitchen Passion store in the fabulous Sandton City extension

 Almost everything in this store belongs in my kitchen. Seriously.  My Christmas wish list tripled when I saw the pink Bamix (stick mixer) alongside the matching pink Kitchen Aid mixer , and my all time favourite, the Zwilling J.A.Henckel knives.

 I wonder if anyone noticed me drooling over all the stunning goodies ?  Golly, I hope I didnt make a fool of myself  (again.) I love and admire all the beautiful gadgets,  stunning cookware, and  stylish utensils, but my favourite, must have, can’t live without kitchen tool is a good knife! And as I was admiring all the beautiful knives I was reminded of my own small collection, and how each piece has a special memory for me.

 I graduated from Hotel School in 1989 with a set of Victornox knives which I longed to upgrade to J.A.Henckels knives, and a dream to travel the world.

I was blessed to accomplish both.

For 10 years I travelled and cooked my way  across four continents, collecting a Henckel knife as a memento at each destination.

In 2000 I decided  to park my passport and trade my back packer’s accommodation for a grown up house in the suburbs, I bought myself one last travel souvenir: a wooden knife block to store my knives in. ( pictured below)       Would you believe that until this time I had simply wrapped my knives in felt squares and packed them between my clothes in my luggage?   Prior to 9/11 airport security was not as it is today!

 My knives and their block stand on the counter in my kitchen and I use them daily, for cooking at home and preparing food for photoshoots.  A worthwhile investment with a collection of treasured memories, they are my “must have” for every good stylists tool box!

 I wonder what  your favourite kitchen tool, gadget, or appliance is?  

I would love to hear from you.



 My favourite, can't live without kitchen companions.


 My set of Zwilling Henckel knives collected over the years.

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