Sneak Peak…. Good Housekeeping Cake Stars


Cake Stars Secrets Good Housekeeping Magazine
Cake Stars Secrets / Good Housekeeping Magazine

How absolutely cool is this feature in Good Housekeeping Magazine ?

The article is called Cake Stars’ Secrets and is in a sealed section in the magazine – with a sticker that says “shhhh… so secret we had to seal it”

So, I’m not going to spoil the fun and give any of the secrets away, except to say that this opening picture and a few others in the feature were styled by myself, with pictures by Vanessa Lewis & Dook.



 The April 2012 issue is on the shelves now and I was blown away by how good Jennifer Hudson looks on the cover, and loved the awesome Editors letter about weight struggles… ah I hear you sister!

Goodhousekeeping April issue gets my must-buy-magazine-of-the-month vote .

Happy Baking!

Love Taryne



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