Testing, testing, 1,2,3….

I’m not very technical. I wish I was. But I’m not. I try my best but often my spacing on this blog is not as it should be, my picture sizes are not what they should be, and well, I’ve just never quite figured out how to load my portfolio pages. Despite owning a good few books, read blogs and researched websites on the subject of blogging I just never really seem to have got the hang of it somehow. It always feels “extra difficult ” for me. I blame my old laptop and even older version of Photoshop for my lack of regular blog posts. Until now that is .
Now I think I might finally have figured a way around my limitations. Last year I was invited to a presentation on the technical aspects of blogging ( I hear you snorting ) given by friend and blogger extraordinaire Tanya Kovarsky and a year later ( stop that snorting !) I have got around to implementing the stuff we were shown on the course.
Sooooo, here’s to a whole lot more blogging, including a new ( hopefully ) once a week feature called aT home.
Starting with these pretty pics my lovely cousin Amanda Dovey took of a small family gathering we celebrated at home last month ( on Mothers Day actually ) the decor and colour theme ( apricot and gold) were inspired by the Meri- meri collection at In Good Company
Julie from In Good Company also, very kindly, designed the beautiful invitation to match the theme. And I tried my hand at an ombrΓ© cake.





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