The Sweetest Christmas Part 1 ( and things you say you’ll never do before you actually have kids)

Such as “I won’t feed my child sweets and I won’t dress her only in pink” welllll, errr, um, I’m now eating my sugar coated pretty pink words aren’t I ?
Ah well, I’m a parent now, and it’s my prerogative to change my mind. So this year our Christmas table, tree, decorations , and pressies, as ALL sweet themed and pink!

Every year I choose a different theme for my Christmas celebrations; usually based on current trends but also on how I am feeling. Last year was such a baby blur I don’t think I posted the pictures, ( I might still dig them out so watch this space) the year before was a very simple but really colorful and bright setting and theme. I tend to go for less of a traditional look and because I am so crazy about DIY there are tons of crafts and hand made things.
From my time of living in the northern hemisphere I prefer real Christmas trees to fake, and in South Africa have always preferred using something local. One year was a beautiful Acacia thorn tree, another year a dried Aloe, and a wire christmas tree from the Rosebank market has been sprayed an array of Christmas colours over the years and served us well.
This year my giant paper tree is part inspiration, part necessity.
With a toddler in the house this year the tree hosted a few problems, I don’t have expensive or very precious ornaments but still didn’t fancy picking up baubles all day.
I hung a large piece of white paper in my lounge and had some fun with neon pink paint. I made the cardboard ornaments which I glued onto the tree, and bought the cute banner from in good company .
Voila ! My Christmas tree 2014.
I will post more details of the table and sweets later in the week.







Thank you to Vanessa Lewis for the pretty pictures.

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