Thoughts: Mixing Up Some Change

I think too much. Too too much.
I even lie awake at night thinking about why I think so much.
Really, and I wish I didn’t.
There is no off switch in my brain.
Lately I have been thinking about change.
Not the kind you hope for when you break into a R100 note. I seldom get that these days.
No, I mean the kind of change that has you tossing and turning all night.
Change that requires copious columns of pros vs cons.
Change that’s not about a different hair colour, or cellphone ( although Blackberry to iPhone was the best change I ever made!)
Change that is scary and risky, and not me at all.
I don’t like change. I admit it. I would go so far as to say I avoid as much change as possible. I like things to stay the same. Except for maybe my hair colour.
I’m not bold and daring and adventurous. I just pin those posters on Pinterest to try and encourage myself.
But here is the dilemma, how do we move forward if we never change. Everything changes, time changes, look what happened to Blackberry when they missed the change vibe.
So how do I go about changing my attitude to change?
Pin more pithy sayings on Pinterest and try convince myself it’s for the better.
Pray more?
A trip to the hairdresser?


Aย friend mentioned the other day that change is like God doing a remix on your life.
A remix ?!? I’m an 80s kid, it goes without saying I don’t like remixes. I like the original soundtrack.
What has any of this to do with food styling? Well, I’m facing some pretty hectic changes in my life at the moment, all round, professionally and personally.
Exciting and daunting and for the most part uncomfortable.

What I realised this morning was that it’s okay to dance to the remix. I might not love it as much as the original, but hey, some songs grow on you?

I’m resolved to grow into the change, hey I might even dance along.

Let’s turn the music up!

Happy food styling, changing and dancing

Yellow Beets & Carrots - beautifully food styled
Yellow Beets & Carrots
Food styling - beets and carrots
Beautiful Beets & Carrots
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