Trends: Plant Based Meals

If I could choose only one meal or type of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be curry.
Ms S loves to play the game, usually when driving on a long trip, “what’s your favourite?”Since she was very little she would ask, what’s your favourite colour? ( beige – I know!?!)What’s your favourite drink ( coffee)What’s your favourite animal ( dog)Sometimes I would mix the answers up just to see if she remembered what I said the last time. (She usually did.)When it comes to ” what’s your favourite food” She always answers for me, “CURRY!” and she is absolutely correct. I never ever change my answer.

All the layers of flavours, and the versatility of the spices, I just love curries.

With the massive movement toward plant based diets and the need for sustainable and ethical meat sources, vegetarian and vegan food is the biggest trend of 2019.

I had an idea to incorporate my favourite food in a shoot to highlight this movement. Of course plant based diets are not new, or even considered a trend or movement to 90% who culturally or traditionally follow this way of living or eating. It’s predominately a “thing” in western culture, but one that is definitely gaining traction, and most certainly important to raise awareness around the issues of deforestation and global warming if our children, and Ms S’s generation are going to have a world left to live in.I have also used this shoot as an opportunity to play around with composition. Paying attention to the composition of your image is an important component of food styling. Directing the viewers eye to your recipe, or what we call the hero item, is essential if you want to get the reader or viewer to either make your recipe, or buy your food product. I have written a more detailed article about the importance of composition in food styling, you can read it here.

How do you feel about plant based diets, do you try incorporate meat free meals into your week? 

I would love to know, lets chat in the comment below or message me on Instagram.

Until next time,

Happy styling.

Mango Pickle 

Raita with coconut yoghurt
Dhal Makhnie with coconut milk
Bombay Potatoes
Masala Cauliflower

Plant based Thali platter

I have not included recipes for any of these dishes, as none of them are particularly original, and the internet is already full of recipe sites.Making a switch to more plant based eating needn’t be difficult, or time consuming such as learning new recipes. If you already have a favourite meat based recIpe I  recommend swopping out dairy and meat in your already tried and tested recipes, and substituting plant based products as a substitute. This is what I did in both the dhal recipe and the raita. I love mixing up the recipes I already have, I hope you will experiment a little too and let me know! 
Thank you to Roelene Prinsloo, hand model & photography

Concept, styling & food: Taryne Jakobi 


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