Trends: It’s a THING ! (Literally)

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“Waiter there is an insect in my food” is no longer a valid reason t0 return a dish to the kitchen in disdain. Most likely the insect IS in fact the dish.

What native peoples across different continents have known and done for many years, and going back to Biblical times ( the book of Leviticus lists crickets as kosher, and John the Baptist lived on locusts and wild honey) eating insects is not only good for you, it’s the latest superfood.

I know!

Personally I really struggle with the ick factor! Whilst I have an uncle who can “out-gross” anyone when it comes to Fear Factor type challenges ( he ate Parktown prawns, and scorpions long before Reality TV was even thought of) it certainly doesn’t run in my genes!

When my favorite reality show ( not Survivor!) but the highly credible Masterchef Australia featured black ants in one of the mystery box challenges, it really got me thinking. I started doing a little research. And if there is something I can really get my teeth into , it’s research!

Insect Protein.
That what it’s being called.
My research turned up a hive of multi-legged culinary uses for the little critters, and it’s not just as my Gran would say ” a passing phase”

Insects and edible bugs are been taken Very seriously. They are been touted as the most enviro friendly, economical, nutritious, versatile and sustainable protein source available to a burgeoning world population.

Cricket flour, insect protein health drinks and protein bars, silkworm pasta, roasted lavae, pupa, and crunchy snack grasshoppers are all being stocked, and retailed across UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. A US start-up called EXO has invested millions in a project to take Insect Protein Bars mainstream.
It’s more than just a thing, it’s the NEXT BIG THING I tell ya! ( don’t say I didn’t warn you folks… *shudders* )

I can usually be convinced of something provided it’s pretty, ( Except CROCS, I’ve yet to buy a pair of the ugly-wonder shoes, despite them coming in pink) When I shared my research info with my trend-savvy friend in NZ she jumped on it right away, pretty insect candy suckers, or lollies as they are called Down Under, surely pastel colors and funny kids would take the eeeeeuw out?

I’m still not sure …

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Thank you to Vanessa Lewis for the pictures and research assistance, and to Crawlers NZ for the interesting 🙂 product !
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