What I learnt in 2 hours over a (really good) latte…..

Yesterday morning I attended a blogging workshop hosted by former magazine editor turned social media guru Tanya Kovarsky. (and by her own admission, a Hello Kitty devotee).

“Why were you on a workshop ? ” I can hear you asking,  “you dont need it, you’re a natural”


No really.

I need all the help I can get. What I lack in expertise I make up for in enthusiasm.

So off I went with my NBF ( iPad) hungry tummy and high hopes.

I was not disappointed.

I love the Internet, social media and the blog-sphere. I am passionate about sharing information, discussing ideas and connecting  with creative people.

The workshop included all my favourite things, and then some. Good coffee at Manna Cafe in Fourways, plus delicious croissants, was the extra cherry on the top.

My head was spinning with all the ideas and info Tanya and my fellow bloggers shared. (I will post their URL’s once I have them all.)

“So what did you learn?” I hear you ask .

I learnt that I know a lot already, which was a huge relief to me.

I learnt that everyone is different and what is one (wo)mans post is another (wo)mans poison ( if you will pardon the poor idiom; one mommy blogger was happy to write a review for a fast food chain her kids love, another declined as it was not her type of food. #eachtotheirown!)

Most importantly I came away reassured that I am on track with my vision for this blog site. “Sharing is caring” ( can you tell I’ve been around mommy bloggers ? )

I hope this blog site will become a place of sharing and encouragement for stylists. An online community of stylists, wanna-be-stylist, and generally-interested-in-styling peeps.

That totally inspires me!

I would love to hear what inspires you?



PS. Here’s a great tip Tanya shared, and I had also read on this site; If content is king, then a catchy blog title is the queen of a good post.

Thanks to Tanya for this one 🙂 “What I learnt in two hours over a latte …” Told you she was a whizz at this stuff.







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