Where the blog have you been ?



Yes, yes, I hear you!
And it’s a fair question.
And I have a good reason for my absence.
A very good reason!

 I had a baby . Ta da !

 Yes I know lots of woman have babies, and are back in the field with hoe and pick the very next day. Well, turns out I’m not one of those woman.
I’m not even the “my sister-in-law had quadruplets and was back at work the next week and she has no home help” type woman.
Nope, I’m very clearly ( and unexpectedly, I might add) the ,”whooooohoooo! this is the most awesome, wonderful, fabulous experience of my life, knock me over with a feather coz I never knew it was going to be SO utterly amazing!
What is work? It sounds like a familiar concept, but I am in my love bubble with my baby, and oh, oh really? there is still a world out there?” type woman.
Yip turns out that has been me for the past few months, besotted, and having my hands full, of everything besides food. Until now.
 Baba is 5 months old, and now its ALL about food. We have launched into into the wonderful, flavour filled world of solids, and  it is as fun as it is messy!

 Our maxim is “FOOD IS FUN UNTIL YOU’RE ONE” so its funny faces, lots of mush, finger foods, fingers IN food, and well, a whole lot of food. Teeny tiny bite size morsels, tasters and taste teasers but its real food, and it got me thinking. “I miss real food, I miss pictures of real food, and I especially miss grown up people who eat real food”
So that being said I think my love bubble is not so much burst, or even deflated, I think its grown even bigger to squeeze in my grown up foodie friends, real food, pretty pictures, and a little bit of work!

 Its good to be back.
Hope to see more of you in the love bubble.
x x x



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